Who We Are

The Texas Greenbelt Coalition is a consortium of leaders from local and regional government, chambers of commerce, utilities, businesses, education institutions, and non-profit energy groups from throughout Central Texas.  Initially formed in 2008 and spearheaded by Pike Powers (Austin), the Texas Greenbelt Coalition has been meeting regularly under the watchful eye of its current chairman Rusty Brockman (New Braunfels). Interest in the Texas Greenbelt Coalition has grown exponentially and in 2009 the Texas Greenbelt Coalition recognized that its target area was very similar to the area served by the Greater Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council (Ross Milloy, President) and a formal proposal was made to have the Corridor Council house the Texas Greenbelt Coalition and assist with its efforts.

The primary objective of the Texas Greenbelt Coalition is to support and develop relationships in the area of “green technology”. By focusing on the SUCCESSES in the Central Texas community and SOLUTIONS currently available and ready to be implemented, the Texas Greenbelt Coalition aims to facilitate public and private alliances and partnerships; entice like minded green businesses to grow in Central Texas; and explore different ways to lure more clean-tech jobs to Central Texas and promote further expansion here for clean energy related industries. 

The Texas Greenbelt Coalition holds general quarterly meetings.  2010 meetings are February 11; June 17; September 16 and December 2 at the New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce's - Honors Hall.  General meetings are open to the public and include guest speaker(s) and updates from our members on their “green” successes and solutions.

The Texas Greenbelt Coalition, connecting green energy opportunities in Central Texas.